Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SketchMania Launch!

Ok, so I've decided I'm just gonna GO FOR IT!

I'll email the sketch to my panel of designers tonight. and hopefully by this time next week we'll have our first sketch ready to go!!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MojoMonday (145) + Card Challenge 5

Here's Mojo Monday's sketch

and here is Skyler's original post about the card Challenge 5. The rules were black and white + one color of your choice.

Believe it or not.. I chose Pink!

That's a 1 1/2 inch black ribbon with white polka-dots, the paper is from a black and white alpha stack by DCWV, I made the fabric covered button, there's a skinny sheer white ribbon, and a pink pebble chip board bracket that I got from the girls over @! I added the black pop up dots from best occasions.

I didn't like the sketch at first but I"m really happy with the way it turned out.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ideas for SketchMania!!

Here's what I would like to do..

I want to offer a sketch or set of sketches once a week, for all the different crafters. Each sketch would be similar (the ones in a set) and provide the same look and feel; whether it's a 12x12.. 8x8 (just scaled down).. or put into a smaller oblong shape for cards.

Everyone would of course fulfill whichever/however many they'd like! I'll snag one of those Mr.Linkys to provide us with a great upload tool as well.

I will have a group of designers who sees the sketch a week earlier than everyone else.. and provides some stunning examples (as I know they're capable of doing). as well as one guest designer each month.

I would like to have contests eventually with fabulous prizes of course! I hope that this can also be fun and entertaining.


Here's what I'd like from you:

-Remember this is also a bit more "personal" blog and I'll post some of my own projects and ideas here throughout the rest of the week as well.
-Visit the designer's blogs - they're important people and we provide links so you can see the amazing works they do.
-Follow UmWowStudio to keep an eye on new posts and such.

AND Tell me as a comment what YOU would like to see. I will take everything into consideration and reply with the best intent.

A few short words stretched to impossible lengths..

I created UmWowStudio as a way to market myself and record all I do, from the paper crafting and memory saving I do to the fine art works and industrial designing. Not to mention some of the experimenting I seem to find myself engaged in frequently. I think of it as a studio for me to express myself brought by a rich background full of designing, laughing, witnessing, innovating, crafting, experiencing, breathing, playing, living every moment, substituting, and most of all loving.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design which I wouldn't give up for the world. I use it as often as I can every day. I have a passion for paper crafting and incorporating everything I know from other parts of my life into it.

I am recently married to a wonderful man, we are parents to a beautiful bouncing baby boy - Gabriel born January 20th 2011 and we have two beautiful fur childred.. a black and tan, smooth dachshund named Chamos (Ka-mose), and a half chihuahua half dachshund named Ollie

Most of all: I just want to share my ideas.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Challenge #9..

Ok so I skipped Challenges.. 5 (didn't want to put the work into it.. still have a few hours... so MAYBE) 8 (out of ink in my printer.. no getting around 3 photos) and 10 (it was a word scramble)

And HERE is challenge nine - just a card.. any card.. using mostly CC products. I had a few random nostalgic embellishments lying around so I did indeed use those, but everything else came from the Passport Kit by MM:

Challenge 7!

This challenge was a ScrapLift - I borrowed from Alissa (runzalot81 - this was her original and here is my recreation:

Used: My Mind's Eye paper, buttons, Petaloo paper flower, tulle, 7gypsies tag, BasicGrey lettering

Challenge #6 - Pop Tab Tutorial!

My favorite thing ever is making pop tabs into Ribbon Slides!

So here's my tutorial for that (the challenge was to use something recycled):

This is what I start with!

-Speckle Saver (saves any unused powders)
-Embossing Ink
-Heat Gun
-Clean PopTabs
-Various Embossing Powders

Then: Make sure your pop tab is completely saturated in embossing ink:

Cover your tab in powder.. making sure to use your speckle saver so that you don't waste anything!

And I always use the tweezers so as little bit possible of embossing powder is smeared.

this is where you heat evenly with your gun! I tried a couple of different types of embossing powder, ultra fine and tim holtz's distress embossing powder.

Other things that have worked but I don't like quite as well: Markers, Nail Polish and UTEE - the UTEE usually takes 4-5 coats, and the nail polish a good 3.

and NOW here's how they look:


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Challenge #3!

Blah.. seems the further the challenges go the worst my submissions are getting.. lol

Here's the brown and pink piece I did.. of course I opted to do a card!

Challenge #2!

I don't know how I feel about this yet. so I'll just share:

Challenge One!

So being part of the design team over at means we get to participate in these online crops.. Number one was a sketch for a 12x12 page. Unfortunately my HandyDandyPhotoPrinter won't print ANYTHING unless both cartridges are full... so here's the layout:

and here's the layout with my digital interpretation of photos:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

8x8 pregnancy album..

I think I've show one or two of these before.. but it's always nice to refresh memories.

Page one:

Page Two:

Page Three:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Paper Posies!! (for SarahMichelle)

These are some paper flowers (I'm not taking credit - I've put together a couple of things I've learned from others and a few of my own ideas for these) that I love making. And I saw some awesome ones on SarahMichelle's page.. so I wanted to share these!!

Start with strips of paper.. and your scalloped edge scissors (the ones that come to a point.. not flat line). Be sure to cut your strips with the scallops OUT not in and try to line up the scallops as best as possible.. it'll be worth it when folding.

Then accordion fold the paper.. front to front - back to back.. where the edges of the scallops line up. Secure the two edges of the paper together.. making a complete circle.

Optional: ink the edges.. I love inking edges! then press in the middle to make the accordion fan out around the edges.. flip it over and glue (I like hot glue.. it holds well) to keep the accordion folds in place. Flip it over to see the pattern.. and adorn with your favorite buttons and embellishments!!

Edit: I'm sure a paper crimper may come in handy as well!

Some of the best Elephant Ears...

When I was a girl my grandmother always made us fry bread. She would set out cinnamon and sugar, butter and honey, and peanut butter and powdered sugar for us to dip to our hearts' desires.

So.. after a not so pleasant dinner last night I decided I'd treat everyone to some fry bread of their own.


I actually got so lucky debating on which type of bread to use (I use to use those frozen rolls that you had to let sit out for a couple of hours..) but last night I was shopping around the canned bread goodies (cinnamon rolls, crescent rolls, breadsticks) and found these:

4 cans, bound together.. 10 biscuits in each one.. $1.86!!!!

Take them out.. stretch them apart.. a couple of holes make for cuter bread and faster cooking.


Now you can put on yours whatever you want, but I have guests.. and they all said cinnamon and sugar.. so to make things a bit easier I just dipped them all in the same stuff!! I would say 3 parts sugar to 1 part cinnamon =)


Monday, June 21, 2010

Mojo Monday 144 - Blossom Buddies

Todays Mojo Monday is:

I used the line Chloe's Closet by Making Memories.. The only thing I didn't have was paper.. so I used the packaging that comes in all the embellishments.. it's a little white cardboard sheet with green polka-dots! I used a pebble sticker for the middle, cut one of their journaling tags for the tab on the left... they have these cute little button brads and that's a rub-on above the blue paper (which incidentally is the only thing NOT chloe's closet, it's an embossed piece of paper from the SweetStack)

I debated for a while putting Blossom Buddies at the bottom.. but thought Buddies looked good =)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Card Challenge #4


So I've been in this amazing card club with 2 great gals I know (and I think we'll have a new member!) and this last two weeks was hosted by Rachel May (Here are the details)

She wanted a flat card you could slide into say a lunch box, a book, a bag, a locker.. things like that. Not much depth but a great message. And a blank back so you could write a cute little note.

I chose to do one for my significant other.. I'll slide it into his bag of goodies for work this week ;-)

Lately I've been stuck on this paper that's already embossed.. then I ink over it with a stazon pad. it makes the embossing POP out so much... so far I've done stars and dots and stripes.. and man.. it is SOOO awesome!

I've also used a piece of black paper with a really dark gray pattern on it. I diamond glazed over the pattern to make it pop.. used a silver ink pad for love and put on two ribbon brads. =)

I do believe Skyler Is hosting next.. can't wait to see what she does!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Etsy Item!!

I just put up my SECOND ever etsy product.. lol.

an ATC sampler pack.. Has all kinds of things listed. details here: UmWowStudio.Etsy

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I have just been invited by the CropChocolate Design team to be... DUN DUN DUN - One of their members. Let's hope I can live up to the expectations and STAY on the team. I'm super excited! Visit for ever-changing scrapbook deals! you wouldn't believe some of the stuff they have over there.

Also.. I've been working on a website! to link my blog and etsy store and fine arts and paper crafts and design background.. ALL TOGETHER IN ONE PLACE!!

That may be why my etsy site is.. lacking for lack of a better work. I sure am repetitive tonight. jeez. jeez. I have plans to throw up some different things tomorrow.. we'll see how they do =)



Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Being a Designer + a Friend

means helping others when and where they need it.

So I spent yesterday morning.. from about 8am until 2pm yesterday afternoon helping the ladies over at figure out some things for their site and blog. They would appreciate any input you have, and don't be afraid to criticize anything I'VE done. I'm up for a challenge and wouldn't mind at all reworking graphics n things. It's also a fantastic place to get tons of crafting supplies SUPER CHEAP! These ladies work REALLY hard to find these deals for everyone else to take advantage of.

It's different from the other "Deal" Sites because they leave their deals up till they're GONE. None of the "one deal an hour" or "one deal a day" stuff. If they have 30 of a paper pack.. it's up until 30 are bought! You get to peruse through their inventory from the moment they put it up until it's sold. It's much like a regular store.. only @ AWESOME discounts.

You can follow them on Facebook, twitter, and read their blog where they'll show you all kinds of projects and ideas to use the products they sell.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mojo Monday #143

I'm lovin the sketches that Mojo Monday puts up every monday... this weeks is:

so here's my rendition:

supplies used: embossed patterned paper, stazon black ink, black tulle, a bottle cap with a black and white patterned paper in the middle.. four silver eyelets, and a black ribbon!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Lets make this blog a bit more full..

shall we?

Unless otherwise stated I leave all my cards blank on the inside.. the more personal and heartfelt a message is the better. This leaves ample opportunity for customers to fulfill the desire to hear inspiring words from those who matter. Here are some of the better cards I've done: