Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SketchMania #13

Alright Ladies and Gents - You have ONE more day to enter the previous four sketches for RachelMay's Handmade Goodie Set!!

This next sketch will go onto October and all the entries will be considered for that prize!!

I will announce the sponsor of this month in next week's post.

We are having TWO sketches today.. so feel free to participate in one or the other or BOTH!

And the examples this week(I'll be adding mine later this week):



Sarah Michelle:

Submit, as always, below in the Mr. Linky - you have until the 31st for this one! Please link directly to your blog entry (CropChocolate, facebook, flikr, photobucket are ok too!) and make sure your name is the title of the piece, we'll need to be able to notify our winner!


  1. This was my first time doing one of your was SO much fun. I plan to also use them soon for a scrapbook page, but a card was all I had time for this weekend.

  2. Got one done now I'll see if I can finish the second tonight as well. Glad to see so many other entries for this one!

  3. I had fun with these. I actually did them both! These were so much fun! Got me out of my box!!!