Wednesday, December 7, 2011

12 tags day 8

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments, everyone -- you remind me why I should just keep going!!! And why there are SO many different styles.. because we don't all like the same things :D

Each day of the hop we are using stamps from Plate #1363 -- which is also a PRIZE! for people who hop all 12 days, leave comments and become followers! 

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My Creation:

This tag is different too... I think after tonight I'm going to STOP trying simple ;) -- did you hear Webster's is looking for simple scrapbookers for a new DT? Don't think I'll be trying out there ;)

oh well.. this is still a very nice stamp!!

Thanks for stopping by!! You're on your way to Susan's Blog next!!!



  1. I like the color against the crinkle craft tag. Plus I love the icicles!

  2. Lol simple is the hardest thing to do!
    I love your icicles

  3. Ooooh, gorgeous tag! Love all the texture and the icicles--WOW! They look very realistic.

  4. Your tag is fine, that ice looks wonderful--I know what you mean, though. I try to do clean and simple once in a while, and it hurts, it really does . . .


  5. The hint of turquoise on the icicles is a marvelous touch. Love the textures and depth of this tag!

  6. I think your tag is really nice! You're very creative.

    Hugs XX

  7. You simple? I don't think it's in your make up Dee-dee. Beautiful is though!

  8. Oh I really love the frosty icicle effect!! I am going to try this... (saucermcfly)

  9. Dee Dee, this tag is wonderful!

    And as for Webster's, their idea of simple isn't the same as my idea of simple- you could do it for sure!


  10. The icicle treatment is really cool. And I like all of the textures in this tag.

  11. This is great, love the drizzling icicles!

  12. Like the crinkle, like the icicles.

  13. lol...I completely understand the lack of simplicity problem! The tag is beautiful and you did a great job! :) Websters should be honored to have the talent! :)