Friday, March 2, 2012

Hat Pin Tryout!

What do you think?? 

(bad cellphone photo)

they're 6 inches long (You can't see the end in this photo)

What do you think of these? Price range? would you use them on pages? cards? altered goods? are they too long? 


  1. They are beautiful! I use mine on cards and mini books. I've sold a few for between $3-$6 depending on what beads I've used.

  2. I love pins, but I have never used some that long I would love to see them on a project

  3. Very pretty, love the color!! I'd pay $3-4 for one! You can always cut it down if needed for a project.

  4. Love the rich colours. I would purchase a couple that length to have in my stash. I haven't bought any just traded and made my own but if they were especially sparkly I would fork over!!