Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Photos from the Winter Western

My last craft show was a half success -- not a complete failure but I think online is where I'll keep my stuff..

it did however give me the opportunity to branch out and create LOTS of fun new stuff for the shop.. while I'm photographing all my goodies to put up.. take a look at the pictures of the booth :D

Keep in mind that I shared half the booth with a good friend -- so not everything you see is mine!

The banners, garlands, white frames with chicken wire, tags, vintage pillows and wreaths are mine :) 
there are also a couple of bracelets floating around.. some keychains.. a few hair barrettes thought not many!

Everything on this shelf is mine, pillows, blocks, wreaths, garland, chicken wire frame.. all stuff that will be coming to the shop soon!


  1. Looks good, wish I could have stopped by IRL!!

  2. Busy Lady!Wish I could come see it in person!

  3. Looks like you had a really beautiful booth setup there! You have some intriguing looking pieces, too bad I couldn't stop by!

  4. Looks good! I like your blocks with letters on them-very cute! And the heart garland!eee!