Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Playing with chipboards :)

Hi :)
Anai here with yet another project with our amazing products :)
This time I decided to experiment a little bit with the chipboards. Usually you can see me using chipboards with just a little bit of paint or glitter on top of them. This time I wanted to give them much more adventurous try :)
I've been using some other chipboards with mist before and I've learned a hard way, that most of them is not able to handle that much of the moisture... When it comes to all kinds of mists they were usually soaking too much, breaking and falling apart...

Well - I'm proud to say that UmWowStudio chipboards are probably un-breakable :)
I used some Lindy's Stamp Gang mist here and I haven't use any kind of primer on the chipboards. I've been misting and heat drying, misting and heat drying... and I think there's about 20 layers of misting and drying here :) 

I was trying to achive this very cool glimmery almost "metal" look.
Our chipboards are actually dark brown so you will not see a lot of color here (the effect would be different, if I would cover the surface with a white paint or gesso before misting), but the shine is amazing :D

UmWowStudio chipboards are thick and stiff. They look almost like they would have been cut in wood :) When you work with a lot of watery media - your base usually start to bend and curl. This tag bended a little bit, but I was able to keep it flat. I have to say - this is a product just perfect for mixed-media projects :)

This cute single daisy flower was covered with paint, thick layer of glossy accents and black glitter and it also haven't change its shape even a little :) 

It was really fun to work with this little mixed-media project. I'm going to use this tag as a fridge magnet. Because of all this shine - it looks different from every angle, so it will be very cool to look at it every day :)

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  1. Love the mixed media look and how you shared how these pieces will work with different supplies.Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. This is really beautiful and amazing!

  3. I love this tag, and enjoy reading about you achieve the different effects! Definitely something to try!