Friday, April 24, 2015

Magnum by Sindi Jeffers

Hi everyone! I'm just stopping by to share a quick tutorial that shows how I got this super cool glittery sheen on my UmWowStudio chipboard. Here's my layout:

So getting that watercolor sheen on the chipboard was super easy! I'm using this cute little UmWowStudio chipboard elephant to show you how I created the look. 

First, cover the chipboard with a thin layer of gesso and wait for it to dry.

Next, I used some pigment powder. I just scattered it randomly onto my chipboard. Then, I sprayed it with some water to make the color run.

Without waiting for the pigment to dry, I dripped some spray mist on there and sprayed it again with water. This causes the colors to run together and it creates a really cool effect.

 I also went around the edges with a black pen to add an extra touch. Here's the end result:

 I also realized there was a happy bonus to this little technique. When I lifted off the chipboard after all that spritzing, I had this amazing background splatter and was able to use it as the background for my layout.

UmWowStudio products used:

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  1. Thanks for sharing your technique - love it, and the layout!