Friday, September 4, 2015

Let´s make some {messy} cards...

Hi and Hello, Jana here with a little Tutorial or Step-by-step post...
i am not a card making person but sometimes i am happy when i create some... never enough cards, kwim?!
This post is a bit longer, so grab some coffee or tea and enjoy :)

These are the things i used for my project today

Gesso/Modelling Paste, aquarelle colors, thread, mask, flairs, clouds and some black cards oh and white cardstock.

i started with the mask and some gesso

during the drying time i started to alter the little clouds, i used my finger for that

when everything dried i started to bring some color on the cards. i used the packaging technique and the aquarelle colors, but i also added some glitter mists.

here you can see the finished color part and after that i started to add my elements... some paper hearts, some flairs... thread and clouds...
i also added some labels and stamps

and here are my finished cards... i really love how they turned out!

the things i used - linked

Thanks for stopping by!

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