Monday, September 6, 2010

Homemade ABC Book

to Welcome dear baby Gabe into the family I'd like to be in the process of making an ABC book for him.. a bit personalized but with all the classics; colors, numbers, animals, shapes, fruits, veggies, snacks, vehicles, everyday objects... etc etc.

So to keep motivated on it I want to post something about the process at least once a week.... here is how my list stands so far:
A - apple, arrow, acorn, ant, airplane, astronaut, alligator, art, anchor, arm
B - banana, bicycle, bell, blue, black, brown, bug, balloon, broccoli, bat, book, butterfly
C - carrot, can, caterpillar, circle, cloud, cow, crayon, crab, crown
D - dog, dirt, dolphin, dinosaur, daddy, duck, drum
E - elephant, eyes, ears, elf, egg, eight, earth
F - fish, foot, firetruck, four, flag, flower, finger, five
G - green, grapes, giraffe, grass, goat, ghost, grashopper
H - hands, hat, hippo, house, horse, heptagon, hert
I - ice cream, ink, icicle, iguana, igloo
J - jelly, jack in the box, jar, jellyfish, jack-o-lantern, jump rope, juggle
K - kite, koala, kangaroo, knot, knee, key, kiss
L - love, leg, lemon, left, leaf, lime, llama, ladybug, lollipop
M - monkey, mommy, mouse, mouth, muffin, moon, milk
N - nose, nail, nurse, nine, nest
O - orange (fruit), orange (color), octagon, octopus, ocean, one, owl
P - purple, park, pillow, penguin, pentagon, pail, pink, pajamas, pants, pig
Q - queen, quilt, quail, quarter, quill, question mark
R - red, rainbow, rectangle, rhino, rose, rocks, ribbon, rocket, rain, right, rabbit
S - sky, squirrel, square, sheep, snake, shoe, school, shell, six, seven, star, snail, shirt, socks, sun
T - turtle, tree, truck, teeth, triangle, train, toes, two, three, ten
U - umbrella, universe, unicycle, up, unicorn
V - violet, volcano, vase, vulture, vine
W - whale, worm, wagon, white, wolf, web, watermelon, wheel, wishbone, whistle
X - x-ray, xylophone, foX, oX
Y - yellow, yo-yo, yarn
Z - zebra, zipper, zig-zag, zucchini, zero, zoo

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