Wednesday, January 5, 2011

SketchMania #26!!

Goood morning ladies!

Thank you all for your submissions in last month's contest! I'll get with AJ from Chocolate Daily to see just how she wants to pick the winner and we'll be sure to announce it ASAP! Thank you for being patient and allowing me a week of rest/catch up from the holidays and acting as an incubator! I promise we'll have regularly scheduled SMs up for the next FOUR months!

I'd also like to say as a general feeling (maybe it's the hormones):Here's to love, life, laughter, creativity, growing relationships and growing hearts. Stay safe my friends.

The month of love is coming up and nothing makes that better than being able to share it with someone you care a lot for, and in my case soon to be 2 people... and our three dogs lol.

Ok enough sappyness - Onto the SKETCH!




Submit, as always, below in the Mr. Linky - you have until the 31st of Jan for this one! Please link directly to your blog entry (CropChocolate, facebook, flikr, photobucket are ok too!) and make sure your name is the title of the piece, we'll need to be able to notify our winner!


  1. I already know what picture to use for this one! yea

  2. My layout using this sketch is in this blog post: