Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SketchMania News

If you're an avid follower of my blog you're probably wondering where the SketchMania posts have gone...

Well I have temporarily halted SketchMania.

At this time I would like to put my efforts towards other things.. but I do have plans to supply sketches in a different matter shortly into the future... so please keep an eye out!

I would like to thank those gals who have helped me out up to this point... and thank all you wonderful players!!!


  1. I sad :-( But completely understand the need to cut back on one thing to work on others. I'll continue stalking you ;-)

  2. I'm sad, too! I had to take a hiatus for a little while, but kept checking back every week to see the awesome sketches. I have to admit, though... I was pretty darn amazed how you kept things up with a newborn - and didn't even seem to bat an eye with all the work involved. I will keep Paula company in stalking your blog... :) *hugs*