Tuesday, November 29, 2011

do you ever just go "BLAH!" ?!

I feel like I've been running around with my head cut off and ten extra arms.

I have so many PLANS. and IDEAS. and just not enough t.i.m.e. I've entered contests, and made promises, and taken orders, and written down snippets of things I Need to do.. SHOULD do.. and then the things I /want/ to do but don't NEED to.

Then there's the things people SUGGEST I do, that I don't even really want to.. on top of all that I DO want to. 

And there are things I'd like to do for personal crafting.. things I'd like to change around the house.. and things I'd like to do for the etsy shop (I've been contemplating taking it in an almost completely different direction). Then there's the "real" job. and maybe finding a second "real" job.

and oh yeah. christmas is coming up.

Plus we just did our three day cook-off for thanksgiving.. and we've got to plan the xmas one and figure out presents.. hand made vs store bought. easy choice ;)

And I will always find the need (no matter what) to incorporate my schooling into my every day passions.. because for heaven's sake we can't "waste" that $100,000 piece of paper. No no no!!

At the end of it all I just thank goodness for the Husband I have who puts up with all my "crap" and the little bundle of joy we have that is now 10 months old.. the one who walks like a pro without stumbling... feeds himself.. and "ROOOOOARS" after the dogs with his arms in the air.

Expect more CRAFTY goodness blogging over the next four/five weeks!!!


  1. I'm not sure how this 12 Days thing works, exactly... Do we need to leave a comment on EACH person's blog each day?

    I am pretty new to stamps & to blogs!

  2. I've tried emailing you but there's no email linked to your blogger account, yes you do need to comment on the blogs each day -- but be sure it's on the 12 tags post by each designer :)