Tuesday, April 3, 2012


So it's definitely true that just because some things don't work doesn't mean others won't... I didn't make the graphic45 team but you've all been so supportive.. and I thank you all SO much for that! <3

Instead of making the graphic45 team.. I instead got a PAZZLES in the mail yesterday!! OH BABY!! I've already cut out one thing... Gabe's name in a futuristic font, but expect TONS of great goodies! 


Today I signed up for the SECOND part of Anna Debrowska's class in LA on July 28th!!!! HOLY HELLZILLA. Believe it or not this is even more exciting than the pazzles.. I've been following Anna (Finnabair) for quite some time now and her work is just plain stunning/ I drool over every last piece she makes. 

heaven.. RIGHT?!


  1. Pazzles, ooooo, I'm drooling at the thought of owning one. Congrats on the new addition. Have you named it yet? Anything that wonderful deserves a name. ;) - blue

  2. DeeDee I'll see you there!! I signed up for her class too :D How exciting to meet a fellow DT member in person..yay!