Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cassandra Chen and her BIRTHDAY BOY {a layout}

Today I'm making up for some lost time and introducing the *cough* August *cough* guest designer! We'll have two fabulous ladies this month -- Stick around to meet Riikka this week -- today please welcome CASSANDRA to the UWS blog!

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Instagram: cassandrachen

Heyyie! My name is Cassandra Chen and I live in Sunny Singapore! I caught the scrapbooking bug in 2010 and I don’t think I have recovered from it since. Besides drooling over all the paper collections, I love how scrapbooking captures and preserves life's simplest moments! Besides scrapbooking, I love photography, sewing and doing all sorts of crafts!:D 

Warmest regards,
Cassandra Chen

And today she has the sweetest little blue layout :

Something has always struck me about layouts that aren't square, and I'm a total fan of Cassandra's work. It's always so super top notch! The paper clustering in the corner is perfect.

And the golden glitter she's doused the UmWowStudio Layered Triangles in is superb! As the title (Layered Triangles) says, I had originally intended for all the layered pieces to layer on top of each other -- but every time someone staggers them like this, my heart flutters. One of the most rewarding things as a designer and owner of your own company and products is watching people use them in ways they weren't intended. Basically just seeing people be creative makes me happy, throw in my own products and I'm a superbly giddy gal! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your work today Cassandra! It definitely makes me giddy :) -DeeDee


  1. I LOVE the combination of all the blues!!!

  2. Thanks love for all the sweet words!!:D:D:D

  3. So honoured n excited to be a guest designer for Umwow studio!

  4. So honoured n excited to be a guest designer for Umwow studio!

  5. wow Cass!!! its a lovely blue layout.. love it :) ang kudos on being guest DT! :)

  6. Cassandra is amazing.. love this layout.. so cute

  7. Oh! I love the gold pop with that nice blue. Very good color combo. I definitely like the design of this page as well, not to mention, that li'l boy is a cutie!