Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Plane! The Plane! - A Mini Album

Hello all!

Have you ever played with any of the UmWowStudio Books? They're such a fun size and there are very cool shapes to choose from.

I made a mini album with the Waterfall Bracket Tag Book. It's got these graduated pages so you get a sneak peek at the page beneath each top page....I like it! I used a ton of different UmWowStudio goodies to get this book done :)

We took a trip to the famous Maho Beach on Sint Maarten where the Princess Juliana Airport is. The planes have a very short runway and they fly right over a beach where there are always a ton of people waiting. It was nerve wrecking and exhilarating all at the same time!

Have a creative day!

UWS Waterfall Bracket Tag Book
UWS Chevron Confetti
UWS Circle Confetti Mask
UWS Arrow Title Mash!
UWS Oh The Places You'll Go Flair
UWS Mustard 29 Flair
UWS This Day Hashtag Banners


  1. WOW, that plane did get close, crazy!! great album!

    1. yes, crazy close! then some silly people stand there while a plane takes off and the jet propulsion throws them across the beach into the water!

  2. I love the pictures as the full page!!!