Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Neverland - art journal by JaMajka

Hello :)
Today is my first blog post at UmWowStudio's blog.
I've created an art journal page about dreams and finding Neverland.

I've created my background with some shiny sprays and embossing powders.
Chipboards are covered with embossing powder and they have some little shiny spots
 - I will show you, how I created this effect.

Step 1:
- you need a chipboard, embossing stamp pad, 
embossing powder and shiny spray.

Step 2:
- cover a chipboard with embossing ink

Step 3:
- cover a chipboard with embossing powder, I did it twice.
It makes embossing powder layer thick, shiny and smooth.

Step 4:
- that how it suppose to look like.

Step 5:
- I've glued my chipboard into my art journal page.

Step 6: 
- now it's time for my shiny spray!

Step 7:
- just cover a chipboard with spray, straight from a straw which is inside the bottle.
Remember to shake it well before use!

Step 8:
- let it dry.

And it's done :)
It gives my page a little bit more shine on smooth surfaces of my chipboards.
I wanted them to be a little bit more interesting :)
If you don't like this effect or there are too many spots
 - just rub them with a finger, they will wash away.

I have used:


  1. This is beautiful - I love the look of the embossed chipboard!

  2. Beautiful scene! Chipboard and embossing powder, always fun!