Friday, April 4, 2014

A Steampunk Garden Gnome

Hello UmWowStudio fans, it's Amy here today to share something I've had in the works for a long while....a steampunk garden gnome! backpack close, gnome, allassiter
I took a "regular old" garden gnome, and completely gave him a transformation to a dapper industrial chic gnome, using paint, assemblage (I tore apart toys for his paintbrush crossbow, and altered an altoid tin to create his backpack quiver), and of course, all sorts of gears from the UmWowStudio  Gear Mash.
steampunk gnome bow, ALLassiter
I'm so excited with how this sweet guy turned out, and I am ready to make him the new "mascot" for my blog header! Thanks for having a look today, and may the gnomes be ever in your favor. ;)