Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SketchMania #3 - 7.21.10

Welcome back! Hope you had fun with last week's sketch and have been looking forward to this weeks!

Not much to mention except that each week I'm honored to show you what the lovely design team ladies do.. and this week we've added another! If you remember from the SketchMania Details Purnima will be joining in our fun when she can find the time and energy, and I've offered her this circumstance because just like the other ladies' work I'd like you all to see hers as an example whenever possible! Creativity should not be stifled just because it can't reach a deadline.. right Rachel? ;) ♥

P.S. I've also added a share button to the bottom of each post where you can share our sketches! remember to link back here (I think it does it automatically) Now you can show all your friends the fun sketch you play along with each week via facebook, twitter, mail, and a couple of others!

So without further commentary here is the sketch and our examples:



Rachel May:




  1. This one is perfect for a scrapbook page.... I just don't know if I can find time this week as I'm moving my scrap space from the attic to the office (downstairs & in the middle of the family action instead of hiding away up in the attic, it's more momish). I'll try, really really try as I always love your sketches!

  2. aww Thanks Paula! hope to see you playing along but we understand! ♥

  3. DeeDee, you were so right- Purnima's work is AMAZING! So happy to have her as part of SketchMania.

  4. first one to link back, yeah! Great sketch DeeDee, thanks for it!

  5. Rebecca - I love your flower! Is that just circles shaped and formed?

  6. wahoo, did it! Hope y'll like it :-)
    ~Paula aka JeepMama-Ar