Thursday, July 22, 2010

SketchMania Prize July-August

The people over at CropChocolate have generously agreed to be the sponsor for the month of August with a $15 dollar crop credit prize! Since July is coming to a fast short end and we started later in the month I figured we could combine July and August for that prize. (I will be adding some other things to the prize through August so keep your eye out for those too!)

If you haven't seen I suggest you head on over and see what it's all about! They cycle through deals (continually adding new ones) with some FANTASTIC prices on all your favorite scrapbook brands. They also offer free shipping over $60 in the US. Check it out! It's well worth it. (P.S. no worries if you haven't been there, it will still be super easy to get your credits to you!)

And because we're combining July and August this means that those of you who have been playing since the beginning will have up to 8 chances for the prize! You will each be entered for the amount of times you played!

Thank you all for continually playing and we welcome any new players as well! And Remember: all sketches are open until the end of the month with the exception of the last sketch each month.. we give you a full week to complete it! (and the very first sketch because the linky closed before we could change it to stay open, sorry!)


  1. I love Crop Chocolate! and all the chocolaty friends over there - GO SHOP!


  3. I think it's great that CC is sponsoring you! I am going to try to work on your challenges and AJ's this weekend. First I need to find my scrap desk!

  4. Gotta love prizes! Wahoo!