Thursday, July 1, 2010

SketchMania Details!

SketchMania seems like it's going to be a hit so far! YAY!

Right now the designers each have a copy of the sketch, and we're Posting the first ever SketchMania sketch on Wednesday July, 7th - so be prepared to scrap! or craft! or be creative!

Our sketches are not for one thing or another. Nor are they to be followed directly! They are just a starting point; whether for cards, 8x8 or 12x12 layouts, paintings, quilt squares, prints, digital graphics.. whatever. It's up to YOU! we just want to share with our friends and see the things they come up with. We want to be creative and inspirational together.

Here are the three exceedingly creative ladies that I've invited to be designers:

AJ from where she scraps using products specifically sold to her by!

Rachel May from where she lets us in on the little secrets of having a happy life in the big city!

and SarahMichelle from where she shares all her gorgeous crafty goodness.

and of course (me) DeeDee who you can visit here through the rest of the tabs located at the top of the page =)

Each one of these ladies inspires me and pushes me to continually do better whether in crafting, living or loving the small things. And each of them are excited to share more with you - feel free to browse through their blogs as well as stay in touch over here for SketchMania @ UmWowStudio!

We welcome you with open arms!

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