Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ChipBoard - Etsy - Let's talk $

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I wanna show off how the chipboard pieces are going - and I'm going to list prices that I have in mind, taking into consideration the cost of the pieces to me, and the time it took me to design them.

I want to know what YOU think about the prices - too high, too low? etc etc.

3 Birds on a line - $4.75
(8" from line end to line end):

Dandelion - $5.00
(4" from stem tip to top of CONNECTED fluffs):

Dress Form - Front Profile - $3.75
(5" from stand bottom to neck line):

Dress Form - Side Profile - $3.75
(5" from stand bottom to neck line):

Swallow - $4.25
(4" from wing top wing tip to beak tip)

Right now I'm outsourcing a cutter - but I'm working on doing it myself... I want these to be as cheap for me AND you as possible!


  1. hummm, I like the dandelion, and both dress forms. I have a similar dandelion stamp (somewhere)... its my fav outline (flower wise). dress forms in general are on my list of loved things. I'm not the right person for birds though. Overall they are pretty nice and if money wasn't so tight I'd order a dress form (or three). Maybe after the holidays when I have some craft money!

  2. I think the prices are pretty reasonable for the size of these. That dandelion is awesome and definitely priced good...that's some pretty intricate cutting on that one. My favs? ~ Side profile dress form, dandelion & I love the swallow too!

  3. Wow! The dandelion is amazing!! I think the prices look good, but I don't know much about cut chipboard shapes so I have nothing to really compare it to. I personally would order several of these after Christmas if you are selling them then :).