Monday, February 7, 2011

SketchMania Sponsor, WInner + Announcements

Look @ those blog followers INFLATE! Eleven more until I pick a design team member (or TWO!!) as well as announce some ideas about GUEST DESIGNERS...

...and for now lets have everyone who's participating in SketchMania post the link to their blog ENTRY as a comment! Please, make sure the link goes to the actual BLOG POST, and not to your general blog.... I'd prefer we not have to search through your blog to find the entry considering these are open ALL MONTH.

AND as for a SPONSOR this month we're welcoming back BIGSCRAPDEAL.COM (With a $25 gift certificate) --- Guys.. I'm tellin' you.. if you haven't checked them out yet, you NEED TO. not only do I know the couple of super great gals who run it, but they offer everything at the absolute lowest price they can!!! and the deals are PHENOMENAL. the shipping is great, and the service is out of this world! PLEASE visit them and if nothing else just peruse the gorgeous items they have!!

Ready to find out who won for LAST month??? Jeannie from Blue's Hobby is our winner!!! So if you'll send me your address ( I'll be sure to put all those fun goodies in the mail! P.S... I loved that you took 27 and 28 and made them a 2 pager!! Here is her submission for the 2 weeks!

Thank you everyone!!!

I am LOVING seeing the blog grow - and here's to a long fun future together - CHEERS!


  1. wahoo! Congrats & what a great job you did combining the two to make one two-pager

  2. Wow, thank you DeeDee (and Paula)!