Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Interest: GARDENING

So along with a new baby comes new bills.. and new opportunities for us to save money for those bills.. and this spring we are taking on GARDENING and CANNING. which are both FANTASTIC because being from this town I have lots of resources to pull from!! (Which is where the saving money comes in)

I did buy seeds, and I bought incubators to keep my seeds in until June 1st (after the first frost of course), but I'm getting a great fertilizer (or manure) from my best friend's parents who have horses; my dad has some fantastic fence laying around that I can secure my groceries with; and my Mother In law has opted to help out by teaching me how to can!! YAY!!!

This is what I have today:

this is what they started out like:

Be prepared to see lots of gardening posts, and lots of SB pages about gardening!



  1. Canning is the easy part!!! Enjoy your gardening, I miss having a vegetable garden here in the US.

  2. Oh, looks like a whole bunch of fun to me!! I love to garden, and we're hoping to put in some raised beds soon! Nothing like fresh veggies!!

  3. I started canning this spring, but I've just been buying vegetables from a co-op. You have a great set of resources, though!