Wednesday, January 16, 2013

CHA recap!

I had such a wonderful time @ CHA... it was AMAZING. 
--warning.. PHOTO HEAVY--
I started right off the bat meeting Chrissy from Gauche Alchemy.. and she is so super cool! A wonderful smart business woman... total rock n roll and forever a friend

Sunday Morning we headed straight to Globecraft&Piccolo to learn about the demo! Later that afternoon the booth looked like this:

And we were off! Demoing fabulous new products like real rust embossing powder and a new UV gel! That's my arm in the gray sleeve :D

See the three neck style displays in the middle.. the lime green birds is mine, and at the top, the pen nib, the butterfly, the sunflower and the hexagon piece :) 
(Here are three of them larger... Check back later this month to see the others!)
Then it was May Arts!!
Where I got to meet THE RIBBON LADY!!!!

Piles and piles of gorgeous ribbon! and there's my project on the end :D
Here it is larger:
(I told you I based the class off this piece :D)

Then we headed to Tattered Angels.. that booth was so busy there was no way I got any photos.. but I'm asking if anyone else did, so we'll see if I can report on those later!!
I met Wendy.. the creative mind behind TA and she's FABULOUS.

Then it was Demoing at Amazing Mold Putty!!
I met Susan M. Brown there.. and she's WONDERFUL. It was really great to meet her face to face...
While demoing in the booth I met...


and Nat and Birgit!!!

I could seriously go ON AND ON... I do need to say Mike from AMP is AMAZING.. and Carolyn is SO FUNNY and just as amazing!

I of course saw TONS of other booths and manufacturers.. Ranger, Viva Decor, Glitz, The Crafter's Workshop.. on and on!
you'd never realize how DOWN to earth people are! 


  1. Great photos! You are a ROCKSTAR DeeDee! Yep it seems we didn't get a photo together - but that's OK...a hug lasts forever :)

  2. I have to agree with Susan, you Rocked it Girl! I so love the art you created and the enamels are to die for!!!! I knew it would be an exciting and productive trip <3

  3. It was awesome to meet you girl- you are fun!!! Thank you for the stamp!!!