Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The biggest pumpkin ever

Good morning Friends, Brianna here to bring you some festive joy! With three little ones in the house, this time of year is all about fall festivities; pumpkin patches, costume picking, and of course decorating. Every year we get a pumpkin , and last year we found the biggest pumpkin ever!
I chose to highlight this fun find by a starburst shape filled with some of my favorite UWS Confetti. Keeping all in each section, I filled one strip with The Sequin Confetti. My normal urge is to scatter these about my page, but I love them all bunched together like so. I used another strip to place my Arrow Confetti of various sizes as a leading line to my photo.
I chose to keep this layout paint fee, as the papers themselves were already busy enough. I finished it off with a perfectly placed arrow to my photo cluster. I loved how amazingly the confetti looked bunched together! I hope this helped put you in the festive mood as well as it did for me!

UWS Product:
Arrow Confetti
Sequin Confetti

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