Thursday, October 2, 2014

Undies on the Head

Good morning sweet readers. I want to share a new layout I created using on of my favorite things to play with;basic geometrical shapes. I always seem to keep to certain basics when documenting my families memories, and among that are a varied use of squares and circles, with the occasional triangles on my pages. I love to play with how to change them up for more of a WOW statement. Based on this pattern, I have to say I LOVE playing with any of the UWS "layered shapes". I wanted to use the varying shapes of the layered squares to make a grid like pattern, rather than actually layer them.
 I started my page by just throwing some platters in opposite corners for movement. I used multiple colors and added some sequins, confetti paper, and other tiny embellishments among the splatters. Once I had my basic photo placement, I added the ever awesome squares. I scattered them, and for more detail, I traced a few to hand stitch a square shape in its place.
How fun of a look does this create. Of course I left my squares raw. I always need a natural looking element to anchor down all of my paper projects. The funny story behind this page; I was in the living room one night, blog hopping for inspiration, of course; when my youngest daughter came barreling down the stairs to show me her "new hat" and ask me very enthusiastically to read her a book. I had to laugh as her "new hat" was a clean pair of sisters undies! She was in love with her fashion choice, so I had no choice but to let her wear them, and of course photograph the evidence first! Thanks so much for stopping to look today. I hope I could inspire you to use those geometric shapes!

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