Monday, May 16, 2016

I heart You by Lynne

Hi UmWowStudio fans....

I wanted to share a card with you I created
using one of the new 'word" chippies
from UmWowStudios!

The inspiration for my card is from an
Inspiration Wednesday video by Donna Downey
I recently watched.

I began by creating a "heart" stencil.
Then, I applied a layer of Polishing Plaster
through my handmade stencil.

I mixed a bit of Shimmering Matte Acrylic
with some Glaze and applied the color
to the heart with my finger.

I pulled out a piece vintage music,
tore it into two pieces as desired,
to fit my card.
I then used my "pattern" heart
to trace onto the "torn" pieces
and cut them out.

I adhered the music pieces to the card face.
Next, I applied a layer of Polishing Plaster
through UmWowStudios ~ Handwriting Stencil.

I then applied a thin layer of Glaze to
the entire card face.

When dry, I created a 50/50 mixture of
Shimmering Matte Acrylic and Glaze
and applied it to the ENTIRE face of the card.

I waited a minute and wiped off
the excess glaze with a baby wipe.

I was now ready to embellish my card.

A heart from the Home Grown MASH and

and a NEW word......HEART
painted with various colors.

I chose an arrow from the 

I painted it with a bit of
Shimmering Matte Acrylic
and cut as needed to fit on my card.

Here are some close~ups
of my card.

I hope you have enjoyed my creative journey....
I know I sure did!

Where do you get your inspiration from???!?!?

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