Friday, March 31, 2017

Excitement Abound -- NEW 7 Dots Studio COORDINATES!

Whoop WHOOP! This is always my favorite time of the season... NEW PRODUCT RELEASE! 

Today I get to share with you a few things -- first is the new paper lines from 7 Dots Studio that I designed... with coordinating products. Second is the even more coordinating products I designed for UmWowStudio to carry! and third.. are the AWESOME OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZEBALLS kits we put together called SHEBANGS. 

that's right folks.. SHEBANG time is here! 

If you wanna skip all the words and yada yada just CLICK HERE to see all the new releases. 

or... feast your eyes upon the first of the two new collections... DREAMSCAPES

it's oh so dreamy and full of vintage feminine tones. there's some mark making. there's some some fading. there's some grunge. there's some geometry.. it's all there. it's all good. 


There's stencils, chipboard, flair, die cuts, tags, stickers, sentiments, stamps, 12x12 paper AND 6x6 paper. le gasp. it's all so good!

The second collection is called HAZY DAYS:

There's a big shout out to Fiona Paltridge because she scanned in some awesome negatives that I played with to bring out the vintage tones in this line. um. YUM! reminds me of days passed.

It has all the same goodies as the first SHEBANG only in different tones & patterns. just... yes plz! I'm so happy with these lines... and so PROUD. but here's the nitty gritty :

They are on PRESALE for a short (SHORT) period of time. Until April 9th. NINE DAYS. Get them for $90 shipped domestic, an extra shipping charge applies to international. Just click the images above to be taken to each SHEBANG.

Don't want the whole kit n kaboodle? Click HERE to see the Dreamscapes line and click HERE to see the Hazy Days line... available for presale at a lower cost are the 12x12 collection packs and the 6x6 paper pads. Please let me know if you have any questions!

--If you want to carry ANY of these products in your store (purchase wholesale) please contact me and I will direct you to the appropriate person :

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