Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hi - card and a tutorial by JaMajka


This is JaMajka here :)
I would like to show you a card, very easy to make.
Color options is your choice :)
Mine was pink/white.

I used some UmWowStudio chipboards and a mask and flairs set:

And now I'll show you, how I created this card:

1. I prepared white cardstock, scrapbooking paper, 
gesso, chipboards, embossing powders, color mists,
mask, flairs set, silicone brush or something similar to apply gesso.

2. I've cut my cardstock to fit to my card base size.
 I covered it with gesso.

3. I used some color mists, just as you want -
color all cardstock or just splash somewhere with color.

4. My cardstock base is done - it has some splashes and stains.
Now it's time for a mask, embossing stamp pad and
embossing powder - just tap with embossing ink wherever you want.

5. Just like that (I've mixed light and dark pink)

 6. That's the effect.

7. I'm composing the card and I'm preparing my chipboards.

8. I covered chipboards with embossing powders (2 layers).

9. My composition is finished, 
now it's time to add some main elements.

10. My cardstock base is glued into my card base (made of craft paper).
I've added some glass cabochons and some liquid pearls.

My card is finished,
here you can see some details and close-ups :)


  1. Your card is so very pretty - all of the details are lovely. Thank you so much for sharing the step-by-step tutorial.