Saturday, January 7, 2012


Along with paper crafting, embellishment making, and altering pieces... I am and always will be a "DIY-er"

and lately I've been eyeballing all these blogs where gals are refinishing furniture and painting walls.. I've decided this spring is going to be the spring of "get off your ass and get it done!"

I want to:
Finish the red wall - I want to paint while cherry blossoms or something similar on it and hang lots of different white frames
reupholster the couch - I'm thinking white..
paint the kitchen table - again.. white but distressed
redo the kitchen chairs - white to match the table and distressed, too.. but maybe a black cushion cover or black and white patterned
paint the tv stand - white - distressed - black drawer
"upscale" our bookshelves - they're cheap and black.. I'm thinking getting crown molding to outline them and make them look sturdier and nicer!

I think over the next couple of days I'll gather inspiration photos

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