Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happy, Happy, Happy! By Sindi Jeffers

Hi everyone! I just stopped by to share this layout and show you my method for making some of the elements (using my UmWowStudio goodies, of course!)

First, I traced out some various sized circles on white cardstock. Next, I covered those circles in gesso and then painted them. I like things to look a bit messy, so I just used a sponge brush and swirled the paint on.

When that was dry, I used the circle confetti mask. Again, I like a messier look, so I didn’t secure the mask to the paper. I just plopped it down and dabbed some white gesso inside the little circles.

After that was dry, I folded my circles and cut them into pieces. I left some pieces bigger, some smaller. I folded them from top to bottom, side to side, and on a diagonal so that I got lines that made the circle look like a pie chart. The photo shows a white circle that has been folded (I darkened the fold lines with a pen for the photo), and a blue circle that’s already been cut.

From there, it’s easy to arrange the pieces in layers to achieve the shape you like. I added a button and a layered square piece that I had painted and gesso’d. Happy creating!

UmWowStudio Supplies used:

Circle confetti mask
Layered squares 
Flower Confetti 

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