Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Being a Designer + a Friend

means helping others when and where they need it.

So I spent yesterday morning.. from about 8am until 2pm yesterday afternoon helping the ladies over at figure out some things for their site and blog. They would appreciate any input you have, and don't be afraid to criticize anything I'VE done. I'm up for a challenge and wouldn't mind at all reworking graphics n things. It's also a fantastic place to get tons of crafting supplies SUPER CHEAP! These ladies work REALLY hard to find these deals for everyone else to take advantage of.

It's different from the other "Deal" Sites because they leave their deals up till they're GONE. None of the "one deal an hour" or "one deal a day" stuff. If they have 30 of a paper pack.. it's up until 30 are bought! You get to peruse through their inventory from the moment they put it up until it's sold. It's much like a regular store.. only @ AWESOME discounts.

You can follow them on Facebook, twitter, and read their blog where they'll show you all kinds of projects and ideas to use the products they sell.

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