Sunday, June 27, 2010

Challenge #6 - Pop Tab Tutorial!

My favorite thing ever is making pop tabs into Ribbon Slides!

So here's my tutorial for that (the challenge was to use something recycled):

This is what I start with!

-Speckle Saver (saves any unused powders)
-Embossing Ink
-Heat Gun
-Clean PopTabs
-Various Embossing Powders

Then: Make sure your pop tab is completely saturated in embossing ink:

Cover your tab in powder.. making sure to use your speckle saver so that you don't waste anything!

And I always use the tweezers so as little bit possible of embossing powder is smeared.

this is where you heat evenly with your gun! I tried a couple of different types of embossing powder, ultra fine and tim holtz's distress embossing powder.

Other things that have worked but I don't like quite as well: Markers, Nail Polish and UTEE - the UTEE usually takes 4-5 coats, and the nail polish a good 3.

and NOW here's how they look:


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  1. These are great. What a neat idea for using something that would have gone in the garbage bin.