Monday, June 28, 2010

Ideas for SketchMania!!

Here's what I would like to do..

I want to offer a sketch or set of sketches once a week, for all the different crafters. Each sketch would be similar (the ones in a set) and provide the same look and feel; whether it's a 12x12.. 8x8 (just scaled down).. or put into a smaller oblong shape for cards.

Everyone would of course fulfill whichever/however many they'd like! I'll snag one of those Mr.Linkys to provide us with a great upload tool as well.

I will have a group of designers who sees the sketch a week earlier than everyone else.. and provides some stunning examples (as I know they're capable of doing). as well as one guest designer each month.

I would like to have contests eventually with fabulous prizes of course! I hope that this can also be fun and entertaining.


Here's what I'd like from you:

-Remember this is also a bit more "personal" blog and I'll post some of my own projects and ideas here throughout the rest of the week as well.
-Visit the designer's blogs - they're important people and we provide links so you can see the amazing works they do.
-Follow UmWowStudio to keep an eye on new posts and such.

AND Tell me as a comment what YOU would like to see. I will take everything into consideration and reply with the best intent.

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