Sunday, June 20, 2010

Card Challenge #4


So I've been in this amazing card club with 2 great gals I know (and I think we'll have a new member!) and this last two weeks was hosted by Rachel May (Here are the details)

She wanted a flat card you could slide into say a lunch box, a book, a bag, a locker.. things like that. Not much depth but a great message. And a blank back so you could write a cute little note.

I chose to do one for my significant other.. I'll slide it into his bag of goodies for work this week ;-)

Lately I've been stuck on this paper that's already embossed.. then I ink over it with a stazon pad. it makes the embossing POP out so much... so far I've done stars and dots and stripes.. and man.. it is SOOO awesome!

I've also used a piece of black paper with a really dark gray pattern on it. I diamond glazed over the pattern to make it pop.. used a silver ink pad for love and put on two ribbon brads. =)

I do believe Skyler Is hosting next.. can't wait to see what she does!!

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