Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcoming Baby Gabe ♥

We can't wait to have Gabriel home with us.. even though it's 12 weeks away. 12 seems short compared to the 40 we started at... but it's so far at the same time!

Here is the bassinet and welcoming area we have for the lil guy when he does come:

The bassinet was a gift from Tammy, my best friends mom. The crocheted blanket and matching booties from Jerry, she does gorgeous work! The elephant is of course from Gramma Kim, my mother, same as the little blue and white socks. The pillow is from the gal across the street, Carie, she's been so generous!! Tons of clothes and a baby swing and a super great little holding thing for giving baths are from her too! and it's kind of hard to see but if you look way down in there Lyle (William's brother) and his girlfriend MJ brought us a a thermometer binkie and some cute little blue socks.

We're so thankful for everything - everyone's been a big help, whether physically or mentally, and we really want to say a huge Thanks to all of our friends and family!

I'll be doing a SketchMania layout with this photo so be sure to keep an eyeball out!

I'd also like to redo the fabric on the bassinet, but not sure the time he'll be in it is worth the time it takes to redo something like that. What do you think?

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