Friday, December 26, 2014

Out Takes!

Hello everyone!

Hope you all have been enjoying the holidays!
This is my last post for UmWowStudio and I just wanted to give a big THANKS to DeeDee for having me as a part of her team! I have thoroughly enjoyed it!

Today I'm sharing with you a funny page called Out Takes....we resorted to selfies this year in order to get our Christmas cards out on time and here's some of the faces we pulled :)

I used the UWS Star Confetti Mask with Super Heavy Gel in Gloss on the background. When the gel dried I painted over the stars with watercolors. 

I also used the 'This Happened' sign from the UWS Arrow Title Mash and covered it with gesso and a messy coat of blue metallic acrylic paint.

To emphasize one of the photos, I framed it with a large polaroid from the UWS Polaroid Mash collection. This I left raw because I love the look of it just the way it is!

So with that I bid adieu, happy holidays to everyone and may you all have a wonderful New Year! See you around the blogosphere!


UWS Star Confetti Mask
UWS Polaroid Mash
UWS Arrow Title Mash

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